it’s about you and me together

We must talk of revolution. What else can save us now. Shooting after shooting. Young bodies riddled with bullets and covered in blood while 100+ fully armed keystone cops stand outside shaking in their combat gear. This is the lie the Republicans continue to peddle–that more armed people will solve the problem. Anything but gun reduction.

On top of so many social issues that are destroying us. There is literally nothing right about the US anymore. Nothing. We are wrong about everything. Domestic policy has resulted in leaving millions of our most vulnerable behind—they are poorly educated and have no health care and we gun each other down in record numbers daily. Economic policy punishes the poor and enriches the already embarrassingly wealthy. Foreign policy is to start a major war on the other side of the planet every 10 years—wars that leaves tens of thousands of ours dead and maimed; hundreds of thousands of theirs and cost us a couple of trillion dollars to walk away a loser—and usually with things worse off than when we showed up. 

If we took a poll, I think we might find that a majority of American’s would be in favor of splitting the US into two separate countries. Red states can go their own way and blue states the same. No one gets to keep the name United States of America. Everyone has 5 years to write a constitution and form a provisional government and establish all the structures, institutions & governance, trade policy and diplomatic relations required to create and run a modern society. 

We all get 5 years to choose which side of the border we want to be on. Then we see where that takes us.

The foundation of the US is so rotten, so full of enslavement, exploitation, greed, genocide, and abuse of power that in hindsight it always must have been an unrealistic goal that we would somehow morph into a compassionate and equitable society that takes care of all its citizens and not just exploit the masses for the enrichment of the few.

What does a revolution look like in modern times. Well, the crazies on the right own all the weapons. So that’s probably not going to go well for us on the left. Really, it’s about wielding economic power. It always comes down to money.

Mandela and the ANC figured this out as did Ghandi. 

Here are my spitballs for firing a warning shot.

1 – All professional sports athletes and major entertainers go on strike. For at least 60 days. There is massive money in this area and once the billionaire owners and their families start losing money, they will start calling their Republican senators and tell them to start passing sensible gun laws. 

 2- We form a complete boycott of all companies located in red states. The entire 50% of the nation that cares about lives of children and generally reasonably social policy will need to comply. The remaining 50% of the crazies can’t make up the difference. Not even close.

3 – We organize and execute massive work slowdowns across the board. All industries. Everyone calls in sick one day a week. 

In all of these cases, there will be collateral damage. Our brothers and sisters who cannot afford to lose work, we must subsidize. The entertainment folks and professional athletes can easily afford it and they should. 

4 – We set out a list of reasonable but comprehensive demands. Things like a government option for health care that is available to everyone with costs based on their incomes. Government negotiation for all drugs, medicines, medical services and medical devices. Assault rifles become illegal except to military and qualified, trained, and licensed police. Handguns must be registered and licensed only after passing a course and registration database is made public. Comprehensive background checks for any guns. No one under 21 can buy a gun under any circumstances and then only subject to the provisions above. We eliminate the electoral college and the filibuster–we opt for true democracy. First 2 years of university are free and provision for loan payback through community service. University rates at public institutions are regulated to maintain affordability. We subsidize vocational education at the same level as university education. Free pre-natal care to any woman who cannot afford it (via the healthcare system mentioned above). Free pre-K schooling for all toddlers. Massive investment in combating global climate change—like leading the world shit. No more qualified immunity for police—you shoot someone unarmed or in a non-life threatening situation, you go to fucking jail.

That’s a start. Just spitballing. 

But who will lead us? I would be a zealous and impassioned disciple. We just need our Mandela or MLK. Social media is a great enabler to organize us.

But enough talk of revolution. 

It’s been a power packed week. Brit and I were in Atlanta during the week, visiting her family. We had a nice party with them and a couple nice meals, including visiting a great cigar bar called Fellaship. Good meal and drinks and cigars and excellent company. 

Sunday, I drove here to West Virginia to meet with suppliers to order more stuff. Tile, sinks, counter-tops, lights et al. Money out the door. Tomorrow I drive up the mountain to see the progress and will be there all week. And I can’t wait. I can finally sleep in the house as it is somewhat buttoned up. In June, doors and windows should all show up and kitchen cabinets. Drywall and flooring are up and down. In July the siding will go on and the deck finished. August or September the outdoor fireplace and pizza oven and last bits of details. So 15 months after purchase, we should be moved in. And it will be awesome.

Before I hit the road, I managed a lovely 20 mile bike ride through the rolling hills of Perry County. I felt free and light for the first time in a while. I am committed to more time for exercise and passive meditation and more time in nature. More thoughtful about my nutrition and more deliberate in my actions. More reading. And, I intend to write a great novel at Black Dog Ridge starting now. 

This talk of social ills and revolution is exhausting. And not at all in the spirit of fun and camaraderie of this blog. But something must be said. Actually, something must be done.

We must all ask ourselves, what am I doing to make change? What are we all actually doing besides crying and complaining and voting? That will not save our children or the planet or those trapped in a cycle of poverty. Our constitution is fatally flawed so we cannot vote ourselves out of this one.

So I cannot make apologies for venting here. I know it’s not helpful except to keep those in the line of fire in our thoughts and top of mind until we figure out how to help them.

No more news of note.

Humbly Submitted

There’s a full moon over India, and Gandhi lives again

Who’s to say you have to lose for someone else to win

In the eyes of all the people the look is much the same

For the first is just the last one when you play a deadly game

It’s about time we realize it, we’re all in this together

It’s about time we find out it’s all of us or none

It’s about time we recognize it, these changes in the weather

It’s about time, it’s about changes, and it’s about time

There’s a light in the Vatican window, for all the world to see

And a voice cries in the wilderness, and sometimes he speaks for me

I suppose I love him most of all, when he kneels to kiss the land

With his lips upon our Mother’s breast, he makes his strongest stand

It’s about time we start to see it, the Earth is our only home

It’s about time we start to face it, we can’t make it here all alone

It’s about time we start to listen, to the voices in the wind

It’s about time, it’s about changes, and it’s about time

There’s a man who is my brother, I just don’t know his name

But I know his home and family, because I know we feel the same

And it hurts me when he’s hungry, and when his children cry

I too am a father, and that little one is mine

It’s about time we begin, to turn the world around

It’s about time we start to make it, the dream we’ve always known

It’s about time we start to live it, the family of man

It’s about time, it’s about changes, and it’s about time

It’s about peace, and it’s about plenty, and it’s about time

It’s about you and me together, and it’s about time

John Denver

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