Being a nomad is not always easy. The moving bit sucks. No question about that. Moving the same week of a go-live for a major ERP replacement sucks even more. But so it goes. That’s the way the shit came down. The past three weeks have been pretty much pure hell. We went live Monday the 19th. Friday the 23rd was my last day. The two weeks building up to go-live were long days as was the week after. All perfectly normal and predictable–just complicated more by the move activities that needed to happen.

In the end the work got done. The technology works and Brookfield is running on a new suite of systems. Great team there and very successful project.

And I survived it all.

The move, as they all do, drew right out to the end. Even though the bulk of my stuff was moved by a company the week before, I still had a completely packed car and trailer for the final trip out the door.

Now am semi-settled at Terri’s house while I wait for Melissa’s house to open up so I can move in there. Then I can be sorted for at least a year. Eventually I will need to buy or build a place here, but for now I will be happy to rent that nice house. I plan to spend a good bit of time in West Virginia and on travel anyway, so just need a reasonable place to hang out.

On Saturday, Brittany, Lars and Eric came around to hang out. So nice to see everyone although it was a bit hectic. But we had a nice dinner of ceviche and grilled salmon. Eric, Lars and I slipped in a short motorcycle ride.

I started the new job at Ferguson Monday. It’s a monster of a project and at first glance it looks to be a bit of a mess. My boss is cool and she was brought in primarily to sort the mess out. And I am brought in to help. So structural and governance changes while managing 12 separate projects all part of a larger program for full suite ERP replacement for 1,500 locations around the country. It’s such a big program that it will take weeks to begin to digest all that is going on.

Sparky came to visit me for a few hours on my 1st day at the home office and the new job. He is one hell of a cute little dog.

I am heading to Black Dog Ridge early Friday morning. I need to meet the power company and an excavator to start looking at upgrades. Lots to do and I am impatient to get started. So updates on BDR coming soon.

Blog posts are destined to remain boring until I get back on track and free up some mental and emotional energy for more creative thoughts.

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