Fireworks and Unicorn Farts

As we sat on top of a flat rock at the edge of a vertical cliff watching fireworks over the valley, Brittany drank a beer called Unicorn Farts. Hence the catchy title.

This post covers a lot of ground. I’ve just been too busy to be consistent with writing or taking time to document the small things that make life grand. But that’s not to say I’m not finding time.

I’ve managed some nice meals and relaxing moments at a few places around town as I wind down my time here. And Brittany and I had a fun night at the Fairmount last Thursday with her friend Samantha. Then of course lots of great meals and drinks at Black Dog. We had Moscow Mules, beers, G&T’s, V&T’s, Prosecco, mimosa’s, Sauvignon Blanc’s, Cab’s, Rosés and two kinds of moonshine.

Lars weighed in with a lovely picture from Norway. He’s been posting some real challenges–his cabin seems to be in a beautiful part of the world and he is back there enjoying it.

We are truly blessed.

Pictures tell the story here.

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