I’ve had more than a few Friday Night Martini’s at Easton. Since Brittany lives literally right across the street, it is just so easy to wander over when I am in Columbus.

So last Friday we went to Ocean Club on Friday before heading to farm country on Saturday to visit the fam.

We both had a cucumber gimlet with Bombay Sapphire and it was amazing. So I had another while Britt dove into a few glasses of wine. Afterwards, we went to a sort of burlesque show at 40 Deuce. It was superb. Great music and dancing and just good ole clean fun the way it was meant to be had. We had a nightcap at a little outdoor pub.

Saturday we hung out with mom and dad a bit, then went to the restaurant and had a nice rosé with a cheese platter and then later to Melissa’s house for food and more drinks on the patio.

This past weekend I met Brittany and her friend Brittany at Fado after the drive from Cleveland. It was a long week and we were tired so we just hung out there. I had a couple of Guinnesses and the 2 Brit’s had some watermelon drinks. We switched to wine with dinner and then scotch with a good cigar after. Super nice sitting on that patio just hanging. Later we borrowed some dogs from Brittany’s neighbors; Turbo and Nate. So was good to love on them for a while.

Saturday morning we got an early start to look at some places downtown. But first, a praline scone and coffee at Northstar. Brittany got an iced coffee and vodka drink that was pretty damn great. Then, there was a bookstore next door so I had to have a book of poetry that seemed great and the new Isabel Wilkerson book. And they bookstore had some cool art work–old pictures overlaid with groovy sayings. So simple but so cool.

Then we managed a quick but fab lunch at hotel Whitney in Worthington and Lars and Allen took a break from breaking Allen’s motorcycle to join us for a bit.

Saturday night we went to Smith & Wolensky. But after a long day of driving around looking at places we were both a little tired–so not a late night. We had a couple of Moscow Mules and then switched to a terrific Sancerre with Shrimp cocktail. I had a steak and Brittany got them to make her an off-menu lobster roll–because she is lady Brittany of Easton and the chefs know her and dare not refuse her request.

After dinner, we strolled back to Fado for the cigar-friendly atmosphere and I had another Oliva with whisky and that was all god-damned right.

Soon I will be back in C’Bus full time and will be good to be closer to family and some friends I have not seen much of lately.

No other news of note.

Humbly submitted.

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