The Standard

Super weekend. Really. Relaxing and fun and just what I needed.

But first I must go back a bit.

Wednesday, I met my friend Lynn for a long overdue martini at Capital Grille. We had planned to meet Tuesday, downtown, but the verdict in the Chauvin trial had not yet been announced and it seemed plausible that if things had gone a different direction, then downtown might have been closed down in a hurry.

So we moved to Wednesday at the always reliable Capital and had a good catch-up.

The week was busy and long but I managed a few good meals and a drink or two.

Brittany came up on Friday and we had a great FNM at The Standard. Two of her friends came and they were fired up and ready for fun. We had a hella lot of laughs. Said has the deck in great condition–overwhelming colors and aromas from the flowers he has nurtured all winter in the closed in deck.

Brittany had a ligonberry martini and I stayed with my usual Ketel One ultra dry martini with blue-cheese olives. We then moved on to other things including some great seafood appetizers; grilled octopus, ceviche, and crab and lobster nachos. Fun night. Lots of laughs.

Saturday we hiked 5 miles at North Chagrin reservation and then stopped at Millard Fillmore’s Presidential Library for a few beers. We finished at home with wine, pizza and salad and a movie.

Sunday morning we had excellent mango and orange mimosa’s with mushrooms on toast and a poached egg and Humboldt Fog goat cheese.

Carla weighed in from Idaho where she was apparently wandering around in mountain country like a wild woman. And then lots of pictures of food and beers and rivers and archaeological findings. I know right where she had that shot and a beer and it made me nostalgic for those days.

Alas, so many drinks yet to be had that we mustn’t look backwards too often or for too long.

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