Sunny Somerset

Big Friday Night Martini this week. A weekend of catching up with lots of friends and family.

I first met up with Stephanie and Chad at BJ’s Brewhouse on Friday night. I had not seen them for a couple of years or more, so it was great to see them and their kids. It will be nice to be back in Columbus to hang out more regularly along with Sukanti and Pete and their crew.

Later, I wandered into an overpriced steak house as I often do on Friday nights. Smith & Wollensky. One of my old haunts.  On one  side of me at the bar was a guy with a terrific long camel colored suede jacket that I immediately coveted. Nice dude. Well heeled and very nice and genteel. The other side a chatty couple. So they pulled me from the newspapers into conversation. And it was fine. Good. Swingers I think. They just had that vibe. 

And then my bff in Idaho called me. I love Carla so much. She understands me in a way that is uncanny. And accepts me–which is important. Even friends that think they know me, really are mostly just scratching at the surface. But I’ve known Carla since she was 18 and she must be 45 or so by now. 

So we chatted a bit while I sipped a superb Ketel One martini.  She has a new car and I advised her to drive and drive and drive. She most likely ignored me, which is smart. But she is heading off to Washington tomorrow with the Dutchess to visit Diane. I asked her to please buy a bottle of Jameson and send me a photo of the 3 of them doing a shot and I will reimburse her for the whisky. She very sensibly said that was unlikely but she would keep it in mind.  

I stopped at a hotel bar in Easton for a nightcap and would up partying with my new friend Brittany and some of her friends for a few hours. We had a few more drinks there and then went to someone’s house nearby and another drink there. I left and walked back to my hotel around midnight. Great fun and hoping to see them again sometime soon.

Saturday morning I met the Sibs for a great breakfast at The Skillet in German Village. Superb place about the size of a walk-in closet. Really innovative menu and excellent food and atmosphere. 

Then home to the farm. We made a big dinner at Larry and Melissa’s last night and then sat outside by the fire. We made two big lasagna’s; one traditional and one with béchamel and chanterelles. Shannon made an avocado Caesar salad and I made Crème Brûlée for dessert. We hung out and drank until around midnight. 

Today of course will be a big traditional Easter dinner at mom’s house. They are at church now. I will head back to Cleveland after dinner and get ready for the week. 

No other news of note.

Humbly submitted. 

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