Life Is A Daring Adventure, Or Nothing At All

A Hellen Keller quote I came across. She must have been some kind of badass.

Errands are run. Chores mostly completed. Enough to not feel too guilty. 

I took the big dog for long walk in the park. We have very different philosophies for walking. All dogs like to stop and smell the flowers. Pops smells everything. And for a long time. If he were fully in charge of our walks, we might never get more than 100 yards from the door, even if we were out for two hours. He takes a few steps, puts the nose to the ground and stays there for 1 minute. 2 minutes. 3. 4. Then another step or two and another detailed examination by nose and sight. He acts as though he is researching for a textbook he intends to write on the interesting smells of Cleveland Metro Parks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out some spectacles and placed them on the end of his nose. Maybe also a notebook and a field guide of local taxonomy of flora and fauna. A magnifying lens. But of course he has no pockets and I damn sure ain’t gonna carry his things. I’m already burdened with a leash and plastic bags and my own book and iPad and phone and glasses. So Pops will have to classify his findings and remember all he learns in his avocado-sized brain. But I would ghost write for him for a fee.

It’s an interesting difference of views we have. I prefer a more macro examination of the world. Traveling far and wide and often, but only drilling into those things that attraction my attention the most. I easily bypass things of no interest. I’ve been to Paris perhaps 30 times but have never been to the Louvre. I’ve no interest. Same with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I’ve no interest in wall-sized dark dreary paintings of fat old men with beards by Dutch masters. But I do like the beautiful, colorful, and light-filled Van Gogh museum—so I return there on occasion.

I have spent hundreds of hours at sidewalk cafes and bistros in cities all over the world.  Reading, people-watching, eavesdropping. Writing. Whereas Pops may be happy to never leave his hometown, but he would know every single sight and sound and smell there. He has a micro view of the world.  He takes a step or two and examines everything. I take a fly over and only come back and experience a few things in any detail. I cover a lot of territory and become only tangentially acquainted. He covers almost no real-estate but knows everything about it. 

Nearly everyone I grew up with has a view of the world more closely aligned with Pops. Stay home and repeat routines. Pops resists when I try to coax him to move along and see something new. I see the same resistance from many people as well. Not much interest in learning something new. Seeing how others live in a different part of the world. They are content to stay very close to home and keep their nose to the ground. 

As we were finishing our walk in the park, we found ourselves behind a very cute old couple. Both had canes and white hair and were walking arm-in-arm. It was very sweet and endearing. The old lady had on a purple hat but her white hair stuck out the top. Cute as could be.

I’m not obsessed with being healthy. I am just interested in not being unhealthy. So that philosophy informs my choices in food and drink and exercise regimes.

Here’s one thing I know. And having lived on 4 continents and 8 states, I feel I can say this with some certainty. You can have fun anywhere.

I took the big T out for a little roll yesterday and stopped in at Fillmore’s to watch the Wales/Scotland rugby match. Afterwards, a few of us stood around outside in the sunshine and drank another beer and smoked cigars. And it was grand. New friends. The sun on our face. It was pure and spontaneous and very nice. Then a slow ride home, the long way. I had a fat steak in the sous vide all afternoon and ate that and just hung with the big dog for a relaxing evening. Today is meant to be upper 60’s and sunny. So fucking aye to better weather and more riding.

I have reclaimed the letter T in the name of Triumph. That other orange man-child is no longer associated with this letter. 

The rugby was terrific. Wales led most of the way but France won it in the end, in extra time, with a beautiful try in the corner. French flair and drama. 

The painting project is nearly finished. Just a few spots to tidy up and maybe a slight artistic stroke or two on the kitchen wall that I have been thinking about for a while now. There was a point where I had to put a 2 x 10 on a chair and ladder to reach a high spot over a window and stairwell. It was like a picture you might see when someone says ‘hold my beer and watch this.’ Like, ‘what could go wrong.’ But it was fine. Everything held and I did not break my neck. 

Beautiful Sunday morning. It’s radiant outside. I have to work a couple of hours to get ready for tomorrow. Then a bike ride and then a motorcycle ride and then a good long walk for the hound. Or at least as far as he will travel in 45 minutes. Then, hopefully, an hour or so on the novel. I need to keep that moving. It’s a slog at the moment, but mostly because I don’t know exactly how to get from where I am now to where I want to be at the end. And even the end is not as clear as I need it to be.

But the key, from what I’ve gleaned from the masters, is to keep writing. Put pen to paper every day. Trust the process. Get the words down and eventually they will start to bring the story around. 

So we shall see.

No other news of note.

Humbly submitted.

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