Getting By on Getting By

Nothing is overly simple in the age of COVID. Meals out are taken only occasionally. But lately, a little more often. As weather improves and we convince ourselves that decreasing numbers of cases and increasing vaccinations has reduced the risk. Perhaps.

But I am on the prowl a little here and there. Still plenty of opportunities to use the home appliances though.

I went to RED in Pinecrest for FNM. The whole experience was marginal; food, service, martini. I order my martini dry and up. Dry in the modern bartending vernacular is generally assumed to mean no vermouth. I mean, you might glance up at the bottle as you walk by, but definitely no need to climb up on that little footstool and get it and put in a drop or two. Just a wave and a nod is perfect. But…..she got carried away and grabbed the bottle and I was not quick enough to wave her off.

So there it was. An average martini. Still a bad martini is better than no martini. So I carried on–as one does when they get a bad martini.

I expect patrons in these places to be a bit arrogant and pompous, but when the staff is also haughty and pretentious, it is off-putting. 

The steak was plenty good, as was the shrimp cocktail. Prices were in accordance with quality so fair value so far (except the martini). But the potatoes were horrid. And I was talked into ordering them by the bartender. They seriously looked and tasted like something Ore-Ida might be selling out of a bag. Not anywhere near the taste, look, or texture of a fine restaurant. Like something you’d make on a backwoods camping because you only had potatoes and garlic and were exhausted from a day of climbing mountains.

Anyway, when the bartender asked how everything was, I think I might have said ‘the potatoes tasted like something I might get at a mining camp.’ She was unimpressed and let me know through her look of disgust and disapproval that she agreed I might have a strong acquaintance with menus at a mining camp. So we departed agreeing to disagree on the potatoes.

But the picture is there. Judge for yourself.

What else. Great Saturday afternoon taco and beer run at Barrio’s. Dinner with Prachi and her family last night. Her Indian cooking is really the best. And just good to catch up in person. We normally talk on the phone for an hour or so on the weekends, but have not seen one another for some time. Odd for me as I really don’t like talking on the phone. But the Prach is cool.

Tapas picture is from Tokyo a few years ago. I am Jonesing for Tapas and didn’t find a place this weekend. Will get some shit and do my own or go for next weekend. Can’t believe I’ve lived her two years and don’t have a Tapas place. Criminal.

Tonight’s pizza night. Dough is rising as I write. And I picked up a nice Coonawara Cabernet which should be perfecto with the pizza.



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