It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

And it is Cleveland in February, not Havana in the old days. But we still have our imagination and memories of good times past and good times yet to come. Or so I presume.

Even in the icy depths of a northern Ohio winter amidst a global pandemic, we still find time for the odd drink here and there and satisfying meals. Faith in the future are our marching orders now. A return to something that feels more like living and less like existing. 

Perhaps by summer. We shall see. Until then, do what we can. Support one another. Expand our reading lists and catch up on those things that are set aside for rainy days or pandemics. 

And, when we are able, raise a glass with a friend or two, together or virtual. And cook and feel blessed that we have enough food at a time when the world is very fragile for many. 

My posts have been sporadic and not particularly enlightening. I endeavor to remedy. Consistency and thoughtfulness–else what is the point.

Below, a smattering of days and nights of food and drinks.


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