Many Sides of Mandela

The little dog’s been on my mind a lot. This would have been a terrific time for us, with me being home pretty much 100% of the time. It would have been a treat to have that kind of time together again.

She shows up in my dreams quite a lot.

Anyway, some fav’s from over the years.




young and still learning to be co-pilot
Extremely tolerant, even though being around too many people sometimes freaked her out a bit
extremely serious when on duty. This was in taxi from NOLA airport to the condo there
quiet reflection
reading about her namesake. She carried the title with honor
fashionable. Just a light scarf against the chill of the water
intellectually curious
playfully tolerant
patient. waiting for me to get started on our hike
always kind to strangers
she knew how to relax and enjoy the moment

she was an adventurer

a good friend to Kyon


she could rock a bandana
partying at the American Legion with Larry and Terri

fucking great friend of mine

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