Sauvignon Blanc Day

So, mixed shit up this FNM.

First, happy hour with sweet Ash. Always a pleasure.

Next, I joined my good friend, chef and sommelier, Laura Pauli. Laura hosted an excellent virtual happy hour in honor of today being Sauvignon Blanc Day. Who knew.

So I logged in with a pretty large crowd and heard some great stories from Laura and some celebrity guests. Parke Ulrich and MeeSun Boice (owners of Mersea restaurant on Treasure Island) were on hand to describe the food that Laura was lucky enough to be enjoying. Michael Scholz from St. Supery winery in Napa dialed in as did Josh Scott of Scott Allen winery in Marlborough, New Zealand.

My own experience with Sauvignon Blanc started in Sydney and a Marlborough winery, Whitehaven. On the day Oracle bought PeopleSoft, when I got to work my boss told me to get everyone together because we were going to lunch. We got there around 11:00 or so and he ordered wines for the table. One of those wines was Whitehaven. We proceeded to eat and drink all day and into evening.

We finally left, all fully baked, after dinner. We knew Oracle would be firing all the managers the next day, and they did. But before I got too drunk, I wrote the name of that wine and Marlborough region down on a napkin and put it in my pocket so I would remember.

Anyway, unique and fun way to celebrate FNM.

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