Perry County Pub Crawl

Early morning at Ed-n-Rita’s. I woke at 5:00am of course. Even though we didn’t go to bed until nearly midnight. Just my thing.

So I’ve been up reading papers and writing. Thinking. Reflecting. Staring out the window at 3” of fresh snow which is lovely in December and depressing as hell in mid-March. It’s still weird thinking of mom and dad being here instead of the old house in Chautauqua.

I dream about rugby 4 or 5 times a week. Always playing rugby in my dreams.

My family celebrates birthdays. A birthday shall not pass uncelebrated. The original plan for my birthday was to have everyone come to Cleveland and we were going to do a pub-crawl in Ohio City and then nice dinner at home and bocci in the basement. But mom had to cook for American Legion that weekend so we scheduled it for the weekend of March 20. But, this week, as Coronamania unfolded and travel bans and pandemics were all the talk, I decided it was best to come to Perry County and visit them. Best to keep mom and dad at least partially contained.

As these things go, there was a little pub-crawl already scheduled here, so we climbed on that train last night. We had made a rule that there would be no hugs and we would attempt to keep distance between us. To be responsible citizens and all.

That lasted about 10 minutes.

For me, it’s impossible to be around my family and not be close. Especially my mom. When I am with her, I hold her hand; I put my arm around her; I hug her pretty much full time. She’s just so fucking cute and cool.

So we broke all the rules this weekend.

We started at Strong and Co. about 5:00 and then met mom and dad at Rathskeller, which was packed. No Coronascare here. Then the Hole in the wall where we had some snacks, the American Legion and we finished up at Wannabees. Then back home for a game of Sequence and then chit-chat for a bit and off to bed.

Later this morning we will have a nice brunch of shrimp and grits and quiche. Probably a mimosa or two. Then I will head north to most likely a couple of weeks in home lockdown. Seems that’s the direction we are headed.

I will stop at Easton though this afternoon as I need to pick up a book at B&N. Maybe a few other supplies if it’s not too crazy.

No other news of note.

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