The Flats

I find myself writing more and more in a completely personal journal—better to process emotion and stuff of life than here on-line. I knew when I started blogging that would be the case, so not a surprise. Just going through a moment and need to write more there and less here. Something still going on…..Mostly normal life stuff I imagine, but some of it is helped along by the actions of others that I don’t understand.

This is the last week our consultants will travel in until this Coronavirus thing winds down. I had dinner with the boys tonight. Lars and Brian. Good dudes. Stephen came along as well. Nice place down by the flats; Luca. Service was terrible but food was good. Some nice views of the city.

I have a chance to place a consultant through my company at state of Maryland—just need to decide if I want to jump in or not. Doesn’t feel exactly like the right time to be taking on more responsibility—with the volatility in my own life at the moment. But will think it through and make a decision by end of the week. The extra money would be nice for sure.

I am completely unenthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency. I never even liked him as VP or when he ran for president twice before. But the people have spoken, with the democratic national committee finger on the scale of course. I prefer Sanders or Warren far and away. Biden is more republican than democrat in policy and will be  milquetoast.

Work is depressing right now. No word at all from our execs. We are in a self-imposed pause on the project and nobody is saying anything. My team is trying to keep things moving for UK, but we are not in alignment. No idea what it means for me in near term, so planning for worst and hoping for the best.

I managed to get by the cigar bar a couple of times–becoming a habit.

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