Vinyl classics

Sunny and warmish Saturday. I worked on the new gig website and prepped for a couple of calls with hospitals on new opportunities.

Then a couple of hours at the cigar shop. Always a great group of diverse, eclectic and interesting guys enjoying the shared experience of a nice smoke and a glass of something to drink. Then on to a date with a acquaintance from work. Been a while since I have met someone truly interesting and self aware and so it was generally a nice evening. I predict a follow-up.

I called to check in with sweet Carlita and got her updates. She is in Jackson Hole this weekend, apparently checking out cowboys, ski bums, and hockey players.

Saturday is the day to refresh the bouquet at the house and so I bought new flowers. Also, some new vinyl showed up today, courtesy of Amazon. Willie and Waylon, Bob Dylan Highway 61 revisited, and Davie Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Bowie is spinning as I write. Cool dude. Innovative and fearless. This cat lived life like tomorrow was never promised and yesterday didn’t matter.

Tomorrow is a lot more work unfortunately. Clinic business and also need to advance the work of Pyramid PgM. Talked to Brian a bit as he is going to dive in and help start developing content as soon as we have our templates solid and a little more foundational work done. I have the LLC’s registered and got the EIN, but still need to get a bank account opened and charge cards and sort out liability insurance. If all goes well, I hope to get a contract within the next 60 days or so. Still pissed I turned down the DC gig to stay here, but it’s behind us now. I am driving to Columbus tomorrow to meet with a potential partner there.

Brian went in hospital unexpectedly on Thursday. They thought he had a mini-stroke but they are now telling him he is a diabetic? Seems odd to confuse those two things. He has some follow-ups next week. I stopped to visit him on my way home and got to meet a super cool therapy dog named Indy.

Tough meeting on Friday, but it was necessary. For the first time, it seems as if our key execs heard what we have been telling them. We are not going to make our deployment date. Just not gonna happen. Too much time lost last year and still too much project dysfunction. So next week will be a lot of ‘next steps’ kind of meetings. Also, we have two Deloitte folks in doing an audit on the program at the request of the CIO. Only surprise there is what took them so long. We are calling the auditors the ‘Two Bobs’ from Office Space. It will be a bit awkward as their goal will be to expose deficiencies and then bring in their own folks and save the day. So more project nonsense, but it was sort of inevitable.

I leave Thursday afternoon for LA to watch rugby with the old teammates. I am hoping to have dinner with Zeinab on Thursday in Santa Monica, but not sure if she is in town or not. Also sent a note to Sjoerd to start looking for a place for me and Shannon, Carla, Terri, and S&O to stay in Bavaria when we go in September.

No other news of note.

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