Cleveland Clambakes

The program at the Clinic is evolving. We are going through a tough period. Our teams remain behind in some key areas and I have upped the pressure, which has caused some heartache with some of the executives. But it’s a time for honesty and a serious look in the mirror. We’ve done some exhaustive analysis and decided to add another 42 people to the team, in addition to the 12 we added a few months ago. This takes our CCF total to just over 100 full time, plus another 35 or so part-time. Between Oracle Consulting, Premier, Nitor, RFSmart, GHX and a handful of other smaller vendors, our total team size is probably approaching 225. This will be our peak. I’ve been working on a few long-term organizational models with a couple of colleagues and think we will land on a final proposal soon. By this time next year, the team should be down to less than 60 or so and will winnow down a bit more over the following 12 months.

So for the moment. Work is dominant in my life. But I am reminded of the many sabbaticals and career changes I have made over the years; so working hard now is not a surprise or even a disappointment. I am energized by challenges and this is a big one. My general attitude is to never quit—never give up trying to find a way through to success. This program was in disarray when I arrived in March and we have slowly gotten things turned and for the first time, I can see some light on the other side of this dark tunnel. In a month we will be stronger yet.

Outside of work, a few interesting moments. Yesterday I went to my first ever clambake. Clambakes are big in Cleveland and nobody seems to know why. Mickey, one of my colleagues and overall good guy, had a clambake at his house. There were around 30 people or so, but I was the only other work from work. Nice time; nice people, although very much on the opposite end of the political spectrum. I have to tread lightly in these situations because of course I feel pretty strongly about Trump and his circus of clowns and criminals. Mickey is a passionate, organized and accomplished cook. It was fun to watch him bang out chicken, mussels, clam chowder, steamed clams, yams, corn and various side dishes for 30+ people. It was a gorgeous Autumn afternoon. As the sun sunk down, we all moved a little closer to the fire pit. Nice day and great food.

I stopped for a drink at The Standard Thursday night and wound up joining Sayeed for a wine tasting with one of his distributors. A terrific jazz band was playing so that was a nice treat.

Today I managed a very nice 8-mile hike from the house. I took Lakeshore to the metro park and the big loop that follows the lake and then back home. After, I made a terrific chorizo and leek quiche. I made a sweet potato and leek version for Prachi, since she so often brings be terrific Indian food.

All in, a good week and lovely weekend.

No other news of note on this day.


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