Cleveland Clambakes

The program at the Clinic is evolving. We are going through a tough period. Our teams remain behind in some key areas and I have upped the pressure, which has caused some heartache with some of the executives. But it’s a time for honesty and a serious look in the mirror. We’ve done some exhaustive analysis and decided to add another 42 people to the team, in addition to the 12 we added a few months ago. This takes our CCF total to just over 100 full time, plus another 35 or so part-time. Between Oracle Consulting, Premier, Nitor, RFSmart, GHX and a handful of other smaller vendors, our total team size is probably approaching 225. This will be our peak. I’ve been working on a few long-term organizational models with a couple of colleagues and think we will land on a final proposal soon. By this time next year, the team should be down to less than 60 or so and will winnow down a bit more over the following 12 months.

So for the moment. Work is dominant in my life. But I am reminded of the many sabbaticals and career changes I have made over the years; so working hard now is not a surprise or even a disappointment. I am energized by challenges and this is a big one. My general attitude is to never quit—never give up trying to find a way through to success. This program was in disarray when I arrived in March and we have slowly gotten things turned and for the first time, I can see some light on the other side of this dark tunnel. In a month we will be stronger yet.

Outside of work, a few interesting moments. Yesterday I went to my first ever clambake. Clambakes are big in Cleveland and nobody seems to know why. Mickey, one of my colleagues and overall good guy, had a clambake at his house. There were around 30 people or so, but I was the only other work from work. Nice time; nice people, although very much on the opposite end of the political spectrum. I have to tread lightly in these situations because of course I feel pretty strongly about Trump and his circus of clowns and criminals. Mickey is a passionate, organized and accomplished cook. It was fun to watch him bang out chicken, mussels, clam chowder, steamed clams, yams, corn and various side dishes for 30+ people. It was a gorgeous Autumn afternoon. As the sun sunk down, we all moved a little closer to the fire pit. Nice day and great food.

I stopped for a drink at The Standard Thursday night and wound up joining Sayeed for a wine tasting with one of his distributors. A terrific jazz band was playing so that was a nice treat.

Today I managed a very nice 8-mile hike from the house. I took Lakeshore to the metro park and the big loop that follows the lake and then back home. After, I made a terrific chorizo and leek quiche. I made a sweet potato and leek version for Prachi, since she so often brings be terrific Indian food.

All in, a good week and lovely weekend.

No other news of note on this day.


2 thoughts on “Cleveland Clambakes

  1. So…the reason clambakes are so prevalent in NE Ohio is because our roots are from the Connecticut settlers who made their home here. We are the Connecticut Western Reserve, after all. The New England architecture you see in communities like Gates Mills and the village of Chagrin Falls hail from those roots as well. We love our clams. A good fall clam bake is always a fine afternoon.


    1. Damn! Now that’s the kind of local influence I was hoping for!


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