The Rare FNM at Home…and All is Well

I intended to go out for my martini. But the days are long at the moment and by Friday I was beat. Bushed. Knackered. And having been in San Fran and Niagara the past two weekends, I decided to stay home this Friday night. Especially since I had to get up early Saturday for my long run and a 3 hour drive to the family homestead.

So a superb relaxing night at home.

I opted for a Ketel One with Perrier in lieu of traditional martini. It was hot as Hades outside and it just felt right, so I went with it. My body lets me know what drinks it craves and it was speaking K1 and Perrier. Dutch Vodka and French water.

This feature picture is Sjoerd and Bear, where it appears that Bear has taken over the best seat in the house at The Royal Taste Hotel.

And Lynn continues to completely shame me in the Martini department. She is killing it. So, two of her best efforts this week. First is from Bin 216 in downtown Cleveland and the next photo is from RED in Beachwood–a stones throw from my office. She is a true Martini champion. Lynn will visit me next weekend when I am having a few people over to hang out with Pierre and Eric and I.

So we will lift a glass together again then.



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