City Life at It’s Best

Very nice visit to Chicago. I came for work Thursday and Friday, but then met the Premier crew for Friday Night Martini’s and then my long time friend Sheri on Saturday.

The Premier crew are all just so hip, and smart, and cool that I feel lucky they will hang out with me a bit. We met at Monk’s Bar, which is around the corner from their office. Nick and I officially had a martini and afterwards we stuck around for beers. Later still, a few of us went to Kingston Mines for some excellence Blues and food and a few more drinks. We drank some kind of Chicago moonshine that I’ve never had before. It was truly awful–somewhere between grappa and Ouzo, but more like the worst parts of each.

Saturday, Sheri and I met for brunch at an excellent Mediterranean restaurant called Ema. We had a long and relaxing lunch with wine and caught up after more than a decade of not seeing one another. Then we went down to the riverwalk for another beer in the sunshine before she had to catch the train back to Deerfield. We first worked together at The 2020 Group in Cincinnati around 1996. At that time, she and Nick had not yet had kids, but now their oldest is a sophomore in college and their son will be a senior in high school next year.

AT MDW now, waiting for my flight to DTW and then to CLE.





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