RED – Cleveland OH

I got out of work late. Much later than I had hoped. I normally try to be out by 4:00 on Friday but this was a long week. I had my weekly report out ready to send by 5:00, but was still waiting on final input from a colleague. So I headed to the cigar shop and figured by the time I got done there, I could drop in the last bit of info and hit send and get to the restaurant for my martini.

Except I got a text from my boss about 5:45 that suggested one of the execs had got wind that our report highlighted some issues we were facing. All true, but apparently he was not up to see it in writing. So we had some back and forth and as these things go I agreed to change my report to tell a slightly different story. Not a huge deal in the fabric of life, but it was getting late on a Friday and everyone knows I get cranky if I don’t have a martini by 6:00. So I compromised. I got to RED by around 6:30, got a seat at a back table and sipped on a Ketel One on the rocks with a squeeze, while I made the changes to my report and got it sent off.

Then I moved to the bar and and had a proper martini and a very over-priced but otherwise lovely meal.

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