Blue Point Grille – Cleveland

I chose Blue Point Grille and as soon as I walked in I realized I had been there once before. Years ago. September and I were in town for work, but at the beginning of Septemberfest and we came there for a pre-dinner drink. A different life ago.

Lynn and I talked about everything and still did not have enough time. Growing up poor but making our way, health care policy, social policy, racism, martinis, movies, film festivals, Cleveland …..what else? We covered a lot of ground and agreed we needed to do it again soon. Lynn is lovely, smart, hip, cool—all the things I know from the first time I met her. We skimmed the surface of a hundred topics and did no deep dives to speak of. She wants to write two books. She put herself through medical school when she was 35; one of the reasons she did not act sooner is because she was conditioned by society to believe that some experiences are out of our reach. If you were a woman and especially a woman of color, then some roads were simply strewn with so many obstacles, and the journey so presumably difficult and unlikely to be successful, that you simply chose a safer path. It took a few years for her to realize that was bullshit and she had a shot if she put in the time and cost. And she was then accepted and the rest is history. So a good story. She loves movies and travels all over to film festivals.

My lovely friend Jeri sent through a couple of nice FNM pics.

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