Warming the House

I’ll likely go to hell for this, but I’m probably the only person in the world not overly bothered by the loss of a massive, overly expensive, gaudy, haughty, monument to a baseless religion. Referring of course to the burning of Notre Dame and the overabundance of news coverage. If in fact, the teachings of the son of the god could be taken at face value, the church would not spend money to rebuild, but instead would use the money to aid the poor and hungry. But of course donations are pouring in. $700M already pledged within the first 24 hours.

I have never been overly romantic about inanimate objects in general, but churches in particular. People love to spend lavishly on monuments to their gods and governments give them a tax break for doing so. I tend to, on the other hand, be overly emotional about the human condition. Specifically kids and elderly people, the most vulnerable among us, who are in need. In the last decent report I read, it is still the case that around 15,000 children under the age of 5 die every single day from hunger or preventable diseases related to poverty and malnourishment. But this massive archaic, ugly tower raises $700M in a day while we struggle to get support for the actual humans suffering.

I side with the humans. Sue me. I have dozens of friend and acquaintances who conceptually love and support MYO—and yet precious few who donate. So….probably hell bound and will piss off all my romantically inclined friends who love old ugly buildings, but that’s my feeling.

I noticed when I first moved in I had a flurry of mail solicitations from security companies (mostly ADT) and also mortgage protection life insurance. I set them aside and they are still coming. As of today, I have 14 solicitations from ADT and 3 from another local security company and 1 from yet another. And I have 11 mortgage life insurance solicitations. The mortgage life insurance pieces are interesting because they are written in such a way as to suggest it is somehow tied to my mortgage and I am obligated to fill out the card and return it. Life is already complicated enough, and yet we have so many people and companies working so hard to make it more complicated for us. And the cost of producing and mailing all these solicitations must be enormous. Presumably they get a net positive return.

Very nice housewarming party yesterday following on a nice FNM and dinner with mom and dad.

I had a good number of visitors from work, plus a few from around the condo complex and of course the family. Also, Sukanti, Pete and Soni made the trip from Columbus which was nice.

Carla sent me a beautiful handmade wall hanging, which found a nice home on my wall. Dean and Lori sent a beautiful Easter Lilly. I am blessed with great family and friends.

Back downtown today for what is sure to be a long one.

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