Another beautiful day in Cleveland. And I have a small window of breathing room at work. Nice runs the last few days—sun on the face feels right.

I finally found the words to complete the rugby obituary for Lowell—4 years after he died. Guess it just took a long time for the memories to ferment to the point where the right words could rise. I posted on Medium, where no one will read it, and also on Facebook, where it was well received by rugby community and those who knew him. Also posted below as well as the link.



When I got home yesterday, I had the best of intentions of hanging the rest of the art prints and maybe cleaning a bit. But instead I sat by the fire bowl and finished the article about Lowell and then read a bit. With a cold IPA and a nice DR cigar. It was just so nice.

I then made probably the best Bolognese I have ever made. I have always made this meal as sort of a comfort food, easy to prepare sort of dish. Which was the case tonight. But I changed my approach. I had some ground beef, a small amount, perhaps 1/4 lb. I browned that and then added in some garlic, salt, pepper, and onions. After a bit, I added some marina sauce I had left over in the refrigerator. I let that cook for 15 minutes or so and then added some homemade vegetable stock, penne pasta, and a tablespoon or so of capers. I let that cook at low heat with lid on. I had to add a bit more vegetable stock to keep the consistency as the pasta absorbed the liquid.

The picture of Beverly is from my trip to Namibia last year at this time. And because I am now thinking hard of my need to return.

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