2018 Wrap-up

Out with this year. In with the opportunity of some bold new adventures. Although 18′ went down pretty well. A little busy even by my standards.

Some highlights.

Lots of time in Asia last year; Tokyo multiple times, Sydney twice and Seoul once. And multiple trips to Europe for work and then 4 side trips to Amsterdam to visit Sjoerd and Onah. Namibia and MYO. Lots of good family time at home. We moved mom and dad from their home of 50 years to their new home in Somerset. I cut down the camper size by half and re-built it into a new prototype. Started building a canoe. Did some nice mountain bike riding and camping and hiking. A grand Italy trip with the Orange Fever Crew and lovely long weekend in South France for Sebastian and Caroline’s wedding; Sjoerd and Onah joined and we got to meet some of Laetitia’s friends. Changed jobs.

In the coming year I hope to write more. Make some progress on ‘Webb’ and get some additional documentation on MYO’s history and engagement model in our space. I need to get back to Namibia as well.

Some random photos of the year in no particular order.

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