Friday December 21, 2018 – Columbus OH (home)

Banner FNM. Lots of help getting through a half-gallon of Tito’s. Players were Rob, Terri, Rick, Larry, Melissa, Lisa, Shannon and Trent. Great night celebrating Terri’s birthday and of course Friday night. With martini’s.

A couple of notable observations. Shannon, when meeting Lisa for the first time said “I assumed she would be black”. No explanation at all. I dated one black woman in my life. 35 years ago and for about a year. But for some reason Shannon was perplexed that my date is white. Hhmmm?? Later, around 11:00, Shannon who rarely is able to stay awake past 10:00 and rarely able to finish a single martini declared loudly and with authority, that she wanted a 3rd martini. We have a saying in our family that the 3rd martini is always a bad idea. But here was my lightweight little sister demanding a 3rd. So we obliged. Who knew.

Meal was steak, lobster, salad, mac-n-cheese and chocolate mousse cake. Booze, family, good friends, great food and a birthday celebration.

Nice night. No complaints and no regrets.

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