Friday December 14, 2018 – Chicago, IL

Good night with my friend Maya at Steak48 on Wabash Street. We sat at the bar next to a couple of locals and bullshitted and caught up. I had a Ketel One with blue cheese olives and Maya had a cosmo. Then we both doubled-down. Nice meal and after wine we both had a bourbon. I was so relaxed by this point I forgot what we had—but the two guys we sat next to bought so that made it even better. Lovely night at the front-end of what turned out to be a really great weekend.

Saturday I met Mabel at a coffee shop and we caught up on Cardinal Health, MYO, Master’s degrees and all kinds of other things. She is applying to multiple programs for a Masters in Public Administration and wants to work in non-profit or NGO sector. A field near and dear to my heart.

Saturday afternoon, Anand and I met at Monk’s Pub and had several beautiful Trappist beers and finished with a Mead. Great to see my good friend again. Brian was not able to make this trip, but we will hope to plan another reunion sometime soon.

Now on the plane back to Columbus. Nice weekend in one of my favorite cities and great to catch up with some good friends. Weather was sunny and warmish and I was able to get a few long walks in. Free nights at the Park Hyatt. I forgot my phone Friday night so no photos of that fun night, but there will be plenty more.

Tomorrow and the day after and again.

A couple of pictures of the little dog–just because.

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