Thanksgiving – Thursday November 22, 2018 – Bunratty, Ireland

If you have to be alone on Thanksgiving, in a foreign country, then I had about as good of an evening and meal as possible. Super lovely restaurant and staff at Gallaghers Restaurant in Bunratty. They knew it was Thanksgiving and went to extra means to make me feel comfortable and welcome.

I sat in the bar and was the only person there. I started with a lovely gin and tonic with a local gin called ShortCross. I sat in front of the fire and read from ‘Becoming’ and enjoyed my cocktail.

For the starter, I had the slow roasted pork belly with croquette along with a terrific Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

For the main course, I decided to go with the the special which was a sample of 3 fishes; hake, sea bass and another local fish which I cannot now remember. For dessert, I had a cheese plate and the staff provided me with another glass of the excellent wine as a Thanksgiving gift. It was all around a very nice evening and meal.

Being alone on Thanksgiving, for me, is not as pathetic as it sounds. For sure, I would rather have been home with my family. But being alone for me is not hard after all these years.


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