Saturday September 8, 2018 – Columbus (home)

Another rainy day here. It has been a summer of extremes. Overbearing heat or rain. Very little agreeable weather. Mandela and I had an abbreviated walk this morning. I wasn’t dressed for cool rain and she just doesn’t like being out in the rain. Or at least she doesn’t seem to as she provides no resistance when we head back toward the house after only a short walk.

I read a little Bukowski poetry this morning hence the posts. He has a depth of great quotes that rivals any of the great writers–just less well known.

Larry and Jerry and I are heading downtown to see Buddy Guy this evening. Should be a good night. Likely drinks and some food afterwards.

The little dog seems to be on the mend, but not yet whole. Or maybe she is just slowing a bit with age and I am noticing it more. She is on antibiotics which have helped. She also had some pain meds but we finished those yesterday so will see how today goes. It’s scary thinking of a life without that little dog. But I suppose one of us will eventually fail.

I read a terrific article about Warren Zevon yesterday, which I have posted here for remembrance and to share with my 6 or 8 followers. He’s an enigma for sure–like many artists, equal parts beauty and ugly. He definitely was a childish narcissist in many ways, but he also had a way with lyrics. I have always identified with the song Splendid Isolation. The distinction between being alone and being lonely is difficult to completely navigate. I am completely and preferably alone by choice 90% of the time. But I occasionally want to hang out with people. Companionship. Intimacy. So creating an environment that supports those two extremes can be complicated. The easy part, and one reason I am generally a contented person, is because my default position is to be alone. I get more than enough (too much actually) inter-personal communication and stimulation from work; so when I am not working it is an easy thing to spend time at home alone. Cooking, reading, writing, day dreaming, petting the dog, working on projects et al. Or even going hiking, dinners, drinks, coffee shops–I prefer to do these things alone much of the time. It’s finding someone that wants to come and go around my schedule that is difficult.

Two new projects just about to get underway. Camper version 2.0 will start soon. On Tuesday, I have a guy coming by who specializes in aluminum structural design. He represents a line of extruded aluminum structural and fastening system that looks like a good fit for what I am trying to do. If that is a go, then they will design and build the infrastructure for this new version. I just need to finish up the exact specs. I have a good idea of what I want, but need to get better documentation so they have something to work off of. I have been looking at aluminum trailers on line but need to make some calls to get the exact specs of the next version of trailer. I am thinking of going with a 6 x 12. Version 1.0 is a 5 x 10, so this would give me two more feet of space on the trailer for storage and an extra foot of width. I am also seriously considering a basic AC inverter with two deep cycle batteries and a small refrigerator. Also a built in two-burner stove rather than having it sit on top of the slide out. So some significant upgrades if it all comes together. The exterior will remain marine grade plywood but will be professionally painted by an auto body shop with the exact colors of my car. I definitely need help designing the fastening of the external panels to the internal structure and also I want to design a new rooftop rack system to get away from Thule. Thule is expensive and also very limiting. I found a RV door manufacturer who can make the doors I need to create a weather/water proof connection. Lots to do, but I am hopeful about an outcome for a camper that is more durable, more functional, and more professionally designed for a cleaner and more commercial look. I am also almost certainly going with a rectangular, hard top tent, which is a bit more expensive but has cleaner lines and simply better looking.

Project number two, which I will likely kick off next weekend is a cedar strip canoe. I have been researching and reading on this now for a few months and it is time to get started. There is a significant amount of prep work and ultimately, this will be a very time intensive and months long project. And, as these things go, being a novice, there is a good chance that like the camper, the final product is decent but not good enough. So I may have to do another one next year. But such is the nature of learning a craft. I must put in the time if I aim to create something beautiful.

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