Tuesday July 31, 2018 – Central OH

Early am. Thinking about getting to the office but moving slowly. It was a nice, easy, relaxing weekend and work seems far off. Like just about everyone else on the planet, it seems we are trapped between our desires and effort required to pursue them. I still want to have the kinds of fun that I am used to, but starting to lose enthusiasm for the kind of work required to produce enough income to support overseas vacations, nice motorcycles and all the other fine things I have been fortunate enough to experience. It’s not that I require these things all the time–sort of the opposite. Since all things are relative, I enjoy them most when they are infrequent.

Work remains a lot like work. Every day turns out to be 11 hours no how hard I try to get out of there. Back in the thick of it. We have a 5:00 call every day that often runs over and then some ongoing discussions about a variety of issues we are facing. Anyway. As long as I continue to have fun expensively, I will need to keep working for the man. Using my brain to convert potential dollars into kinetic dollars so I can fund booze and partying and travel and fine food and wine and boats and campers and music and books and dog food and……..

The camper project is live. Version 2.0. Still plenty of flaws, but vastly improved. Most of the defects are cosmetic—not functional. Functionally, this unit crushes it. Meets all the requirements. Light, easy to pull, quick set-up (~20 minutes), great kitchen with plenty of storage, comfortable mattress and tent 3 feet off the ground where it is dry. I am already planning version 3.0 with new materials; functionally very similar to this model but big improvements in cosmetics, hardware and overall look. I need to figure out how to either braze or weld aluminum as I want the interior to be fully aluminum to save weight and generally improve the look.

Larry and I test drove the rig this past weekend at Burr Oak. We got down around 2:00 on Saturday and had a quick late lunch after setting up camp. We fished a bit, unsuccessfully, since neither of us had fished for 30+ years and had no idea what baits to use, but we had more beer and chatted. Larry made some killer chicken enchiladas for dinner and we had a little whiskey. I crashed early while Larry played guitar. Sunday we took the dogs for a hike and I made chorizo and eggs with refried beans and tortillas for breakfast. We broke camp at 1:00 and drove back to Somerset and helped mom and dad with their ongoing unpacking. I assembled their new grill while Larry hung a vanity in the bathroom. Later we had ribs and chicken and pie for Yvonne’s birthday party.

This weekend Larry, Melissa and I are heading to Hocking Hills for more camping and canoeing. I am excited about the new version of the little camper. I think I am a few years too late to enter the market of the cute little campers now but will keep working on designs and prototypes anyway. Who knows. I had the ideas at the right time but not really the resources or background to advance my prototypes as quickly as necessary to get a viable product out there.

6:40 am now—at Starbucks. Got up at 3:45, walked the hound, fed the hound, drove to the rec center and ran for 30 minutes, showered, came to SB’s next to the office and now time for our weekly 7am staff meeting.

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