Sunday July 22, 2018 – Chautauqua, Miamisburg, OH

Big day yesterday. We finally got mom and dad moved out of the big red house at Fourth and Sunset. A long day, but we got it mostly done. Larry, Terri, and Dad went back today for a few things and to tidy up a few loose ends.

Hard to imagine living in one place for 50 years, let alone in same house. I was 5 when we moved in to that house. Of course the memories are many and perhaps can be appropriately recounted another day. It’s a project I have thought of for years, but haven’t gotten it underway. I can barely keep this little blog moving forward. It’s just hard to work and have significant writing projects underway. When I get home from work, I am just too tired to sit at the computer and write. I normally just walk the hound and organize dinner, a drink or two, and then to bed after reading for a few minutes.

I drove down Friday late afternoon; we packed a little, but mostly told stories and had some drinks and reminisced. Saturday morning we hit it hard. We had help from a few high school kids who dad had lined up to help with the heavy lifting. Weather was decent; a little rain but not too bad until the drive home, when we drove through a few storms in our 4-car caravan. I was driving the big 26’ U-Haul. Larry followed in his truck pulling a 12’ trailer. Then dad and mom and finally Shannon in my car. Every car was full of stuff. Fortunately, when we got to Somerset, Zach, Trent, Nick, Jacob and few others were on hand to help us unload.

In other news, getting the tow hitch on my car has been a fiasco. VW and U-Haul have both blown the appointments and equipment. One had the wiring harness but not the hitch and the other I think had it reversed. So now, 5 weeks after my first appointment, I still have no tow hitch. So now I have ordered the parts at a 3rd place and hopefully can get the hitch on the car soon so I can start camping. Larry and I are tentatively planning a trip to Burr Oak lake next weekend to fish and camp.

This morning I had to work for a few hours, but afterwards put some effort towards the camper. I got the last door on, the trim pieces, the rack for the tent and some silicon sealant around the penetrations and trim. The silicon was supposed to be clear, but it is more like milky white and I may have to swap it out. I still need to give it a good cleaning and touch up the paint, but otherwise it is ready for the tent and a shake-down cruise.

I managed to save enough time for a beer and a cigar on the deck at Fado. It’s beautiful and sunny and I rolled down on the 2-wheeler. Not sure if I will eat somewhere here or grab something and go home and cook. No plans beyond finishing this Guinness and cigar.

Home now. A beautiful Sunday night. I am on the deck. Listening to Mark Knopfler and drinking a little whiskey. Pendleton. Just finished a nice unhealthy dinner of brisket with mac-n-cheese. Mandela is patrolling the property, which she views as her primary contribution to world order. Actually she is mostly rolling in the grass, but I presume also keeping one eye out for intruders.

All is well.


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