June 29, 2018 – Winking Lizard Tavern, Westerville OH

A really bad martini, but lovely evening with the beautiful and vivacious Ashley. We always have great fun and good conversation. It was nice on the patio and great to catch up on this FNM.

I was on the motorcycle and had an amazing ride home. The sun had softened–it was still warm but had cooled from the 90’s of earlier in the day. I took the back way. State Line Road to Harlem Road. There wasn’t much traffic and it was terrific. I rode past corn fields and farms and Hoover Dam. I rode pretty hard–into the turns fast, trying to calculate the radius so I could come out gearing up and accelerating on the other side. Exhilarating.

A couple of FNM entries from the field. Laetitia sent me her version of FNM and Sjoerd sent some normal Amsterdam craziness. My nephew Shane sent a well-crafted selfie enjoying his FNM evening on his smoking deck. A good night for all I hope.

Me and Ash. Great night as always
Epic shot of my badass nephew chilling
As Sjoerd said, only in Amsterdam can you see a black pimp wearing a pineapple suit
Laetitia sent her FNM drink from Paris
Laeitita and a friend looking very hippie-like

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