Friday June 23, 2018 – Columbus, OH

A plane, high above, leaving a vapor trail. And I now try to remember the exact science behind why some jets leave a vapor trail and others do not. It evades me.

I could look it up, even now, but I prefer, for a moment, to pretend to remain in that moment in time when we had to work to learn. We had to go dust off the encyclopedia, or, god forbid, go to the library.

When I researched my first business, A bookstore and coffeeshop, I spent days at the library. I found the names and addresses of the appropriate trade associations, and wrote them and sent a check and a couple of weeks later materials and information would show up in my mailbox. Seriously old school research by modern standards when all answers are a keystroke away.

Around me, there are at least 8 or 9 different species of trees. Or, sub species. Genus? Who remembers all the classifications of life. Who even remembers the rules of taxonomy. I am sure I learned them one day. Now I can look like a brainiac by looking it up on my phone but what’s the fun in that. Ironically, it’s possible that the more someone uses a smartphone, the dumber they are. A highly educated person probably does not need to go on line to know why some planes leave vapor trails and others do not. I know people who can identify hundreds of species of trees and plants. I have heard of ornithologist who can identify and/or mimic hundreds of bird calls. I can identify zero. What I have learned and forgotten could fill volumes. Occasionally I find myself in the vicinity of a truly smart person and the gap between us is wide and obvious. I am not self-deprecating. I have a few brain cells banging together and have a few skills that fall outside the measures of traditional intelligence, but it is still amazing how much some people know. Does the internet make us dumber or just appear dumber. I basically know only two phone numbers; mine and my parent’s land line. My mom knows probably 60 numbers—because she does not have a ‘smart phone’ to remember them for her.

Mandela is patrolling the property. She has no idea that our holding is very small—merely a few feet outside the footprint of the house and deck area. She believes she is responsible for everything she can see and so when a human or animal wanders within her eyesight, she puts her tail up straight and barks in the hilariously silly way little dogs try to act tough. But my god she’s cute. I really got lucky getting her to come live with me.

Long day today. Thursday evening now. Long week actually. I am slowly getting more comfortable in the new role and that is good. I picked up some nice German bratwurst at Whole Foods and am roasting some garlic rosemary potatoes and heating sauerkraut. Will enjoy a nice Porter with that. Meanwhile, listening to old 60’s country. When we were kids, mom would always have country music on blasting loud so she could hear it wherever she was cleaning the house. Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Willie, Waylon, Kris, Don Williams, Statler Brothers, Jim Reeves, Slim Whitman, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagner. And many more. It informed all of our musical tastes and I still like to hear these old classics—as much for the easy transport to my childhood as for the music itself. I talk to the dog, dance around the kitchen—I know all the words to nearly every song they play on this old country classics station. Don’t know if that’s cool or sad. Same with writing a public blog. Might be equal parts pathetic and brave.

Right now I am in a good spot of not traveling and it feels nice. But it does make blog entries boring and random.

Friday night now. More country music. What’s up with me and this country music? It definitely takes me back to Fourth and Sunset and all that came with living in Chautauqua. It was a long but productive week. Things at the new job are starting to make sense. The hours will remain long but I am somewhat convinced at least that I can contribute. I started this late afternoon with a Guinness/Harp at Fado and a nice cigar and then walked to Brio for the FNM. I thought about eating at one of the dozens of spots at Easton, but the allure of being home was too great and Whole Foods was right there. So I grabbed a nice steak, some mushrooms and an onion and ate at home with a lovely Napa Cab. And then of course, ice cream. But throughout I checked in with a lot of my peeps.

Peep updates:

Larry – With Melissa and driving to Pigeon Fork, KY to visit Rod and Julie.

Sjoerd (Amsterdam)- Out stretching his legs a little while Onah is in Morocco; At the Royal with old friend Mariana and I am sure all the boys from the Friday night club.

Greg (Cincinnati) – Drinking a Maker’s Mark the size of a large milk shake. Greg puts down bourbon like a baby drinking formula

Maneesha (Australia)- Quiet from my friend down under; she did share a photo for me to post.

Laetitia/Loubnaa (Paris)- A Paris dinner party with these two plus Veronique and Silve. Some partying girls and good to see them having fun

Carla (Idaho) – Heading to East Fork University with The Duchess and a couple of others for an all-hippie girls weekend in the wilderness.

Shane (Salt Lake City) – My nephew is finishing work but was heading shortly for a beer and a cigar on his new smoking deck

Stephanie (Columbus) – Her and Chad were meant to be camping but Brody was not feeling well so they were still home. Hoping for a Saturday departure if the boy was feeling better.

Bruce (San Francisco) – My old friend from San Francisco is going through a tough time. Full on, raging, lawyer-rich, soul-sucking divorce. I went to his wedding at winery with lovely Leslie Tom and we had a grand time. One of my favorite stories about Bruce. When he was getting ready to leave Siebel, he wanted to get back at them for some slight that he took quite personally. I was at their house in SF and we were going for a walk and so went downstairs to go out through the garage. He opened a refrigerator and the inside was completely full of Siebel branded bottled water. For the last few months he was at Siebel, he would take with him as he left the office, a few bottles of water. Until he had a refrigerator completely full. I thought it was hilarious. A guy making $250K stealing a few dollars worth of water to get back at the man.

Pierre/Eric (Boston apparently) – The boys are back in town. Minus their older and less wise friend. In this photo they look like a couple of badasses; not sure what the attitude is all about. It is time to start planning Bakki road trip 2018. Maybe up north somewhere this fall.

I did manage to get the camper to my garage so tomorrow will start on the mods.

In bed at 9:15 on a Friday night.

Some random photos from the week.

Sjoerd and Mariana at The Royal Hotel

Loubnaa and Laetitia
Veronique, Silve, Laetita and Loubnaa

Maneesha at Disneyland
Stephanie at Brauhouse

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