Monday April 30, 2018 – Columbus Homestead

Around 7:30 this evening I took Mandela for a walk on our normal evening route.It is damn good to be back in the presence of this spiritual little animal friend.

The Audi grocery, such as it is, around the corner is undergoing major renovation and the work crew was in the parking lot when we came by. Dela forced introductions so we stood around and chatted; Or so, I chatted while Dela begged and scavenged. There were about 10 guys, all from Kentucky; about 1/2 black, and 1/2 white. They were eating fried bologna sandwiches with onions on white bread and it looked delicious. They offered but I just finished my boring by comparison salmon and broccolini dinner so I declined. But we had a nice chat. One of my more beneficial qualities is my ability to meld in to any environment and converse with basically any demographic. I’ve always been fortunate like this. I hung around for 30 minutes, talking about Southern OH/Northern Kentucky, The Reds, construction, and the joys of cooking outside. They were very proud of their cooker which I agreed seemed fantastic so I took a picture and will look it up. They offered me a Blue Ribbon after a little bit but I declined because I had to get back home for a call.

Interesting exchange though. While I have no doubt I had little in common with most of that crew from a political perspective, they were clearly good guys and we obviously all had more in common than in contrast and yet….the politics separates us in so many ways.

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