March 24 – Johannesburg South Africa

Back on African soil. And for me, that is always always always a good thing. I do not understand it, but something fundamentally shifts in me when I am here. I am happy. At peace.

I landed at Johannesburg airport around 3:30 after the 14 hour flight from Atlanta and after cleaning security and customs was checked in at the Intercontinental by 5:00. If I only have a single night in Jo’Burg, I always stay here because it is literally right outside the front door of the airport. It’s expensive but very nice. I showered and headed to the bar and enjoyed an ice cold Castle Lager on the patio. After reading a little news and relaxing I had an appetizer of springbok carpaccio with roasted butternut squash along with a very nice Sauvignon Blanc from Stellenbosch. For main I had Butter Chicken with jasmine rice and it was excellent. South Africa has a good Indian culture and the Indian food here is generally very good. I was very tired and hungry since I did not eat anything on the plane except a few peanuts and a Kind bar.

I was planning on leaving after dinner but a nice local couple sat at the table next to me and we started chatting so I ordered another glass and talked for a bit. It was 8:00 when I got back to my room and feel asleep straight away and slept deliciously well after so many sleepless nights last week in Columbus and then the long flight.

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