Tokyo – Dinner at Chongiwa

Thursday, February 15, 2018. Chongiwa Yakiniku, Roppongi, Tokyo.

Perfect Japanese dining, although this restaurant is owned by a Korean family. My colleague, Cany-san, knows the owner and their kids go to school together. Cany-san and I met two of our colleagues from work and had an excellent meal. Long, slow meal with multiple courses prepared with love and served with care and plenty of makkoli.

Cany and I got there around 7:30 and had a few beers and Kimchi while waiting for the ladies who were both working late. The kimchi had huge raw oysters mixed in and they were delicious.

After a while, when were a full group, out came the meat. Multiple cuts of delicious Wagyu and some cuts of pork. All was cooked at the table grill by the server and we ate it with a little rice and wrapped in lettuce.

This was my first experience with makkoli. Makkoli is a Korean beer made from rice or wheat. It is very thick and reminded me of the yeast beer we drank in norther Namibia where the villagers make it in huge pots and sit around drinking and talking.

The Makkoli came in a large pot and is poured into smaller cups for drinking

We only left the restaurant around midnight and then went back to the hotel adjacent to mine to their excellent cigar bar. We had a couple of nightcaps and a Partagas and chatted until around 2:00. A really great night out, made better by the fact that I was leaving for home the next day. And, it turned out to be a 3-martini Friday.

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