Pizza in Tokyo

I headed out yesterday for a long walk and got lucky. I was walking from my hotel near the Shinagawa Station to Roppogni Hills. It was warm and sunny and I happened to walk by a little pizza place called ‘Pizza Strada’. It was just warm enough to sit outside–so I did. I wasn’t even planning to have lunch–I had been planning to grab a banana from the lounge when I got back and then have a nice dinner of pizza at the Italian place near the hotel. But I called an audible and it was the right decision.


I had two glasses of nice Chianti, a caesar salad and pizza. The pizza was amazing. As good as I have had anywhere and certainly the best I have had in a long time. Perfect thin crust with light sauce of fresh tomatoes and just a hint of oregano. Lovely fresh mozzarella and a few pieces of excellent pepperoni. Very simple but prepared perfectly with love and care. It seems possible I will only have pizza this good again either when I return or when we gather in Naples in August.

It seems others were happy for the nice weather–the couple next to me brought their beautiful little dog, who obviously was much loved.

I honestly don’t know how this meal could have been improved. The staff was very attentive, friendly and went out of their way to accommodate my inability to speak Japanese. The food was amazing and atmosphere friendly and inviting.


Food >                        5/5
Service  >                   5/5
Atmosphere  >          5/5

3-6-2 Azabujuban | NS Azabujuban Bldg. 1F, Minato 106-0045, Tokyo Prefecture

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